Created out of world war, our interstate highway system changed the way we move goods across our nation. This ingenious system created a web across the United States that immediately brought the country closer together — instantly putting trucks on the map.

This complex system helped companies large and small ship their products across the country quickly and efficiently, creating what is now the $700 billion trucking industry. Many decades later, trucks still transport millions of essential items across states, regions and from coast to coast each day — proudly fueling America’s complex supply chain distribution machine.  

Every day in the United States, truckers transport over 30 million tons of product across states, regions and even national borders. Around 70% of all freight in America moves by truck, and the industry supports about 6 percent of American jobs. The freight industry ensures that grocery stores, hospitals, schools and businesses receive the supplies needed to function each day. 

While we constantly see trucks on the road each day, few people stop to think about the vital role this industry plays in keeping our economy moving forward. In Michigan, trucking ranks as the most common job in the state with nearly 50,000 drivers, with that number expected to grow rapidly over the next five years. Additionally, without the freight industry, a large majority of the other major Michigan employers need support from the industry to function.

Before that letter reaches your mailbox, before those eggs get stocked in the store’s cooler and before that shirt is hung on a hanger — it spent time on a truck. As the trucking industry has grown, new technologies, regulations and amenities have allowed it to flourish and gain strength. Trucking still proudly serves as the backbone of America, working behind the scenes to keep our economy flowing.

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